Friday, January 7, 2011

A delicious, delicious omlette. With bacon.

I'm ever so tired of walking on eggshells for people. And I think I'm losing my true self in the opinions I don't share, and hiding it all away.

Rape can be funny. Your child's retarded. Your girlfriend's a whore. You've put on too much weight. You've lost too much weight. You're too much of a narcicist. You're too depressed. You're too close to being black. You're too close to being an albino. You're too gay. You're too much of a philanderer. You're too much of a slut. You're too frigid. The word 'cunt' is no more offensive than the word 'dick' and I will use both to accentuate what I say. You are a cunt. You are a dick. I never meant the things I said, except the things I did. You're too flighty. You're too steadfast. Duality is bullshit, because there are more than two sides to a person. Your parents never loved you. But they were terrible parents anyhow. etc. etc. etc.

Accept it.

Move on.